Amanda Hoffman

Desmoid Tumor Patient & Advocate

Amanda Hoffman was diagnosed with an initial desmoid tumor in her calf muscle in 2006 at the age of 21. Originally from Boston, Amanda graduated from American University in Washington, DC, with a BA in Journalism, then immediately began months of recovery from major surgery to remove her tumor. The tumor quickly returned,¬†multiplied by four. Along with a passion for writing and the arts, Amanda danced competitively through her teens and continued in college until her tumors eventually made that beloved activity impossible. Since then, she has been through various treatments, including four different chemotherapies, with minimal results. Most recently, a clinical trial has significantly improved her pain and mobility. However, she still lives with these tumors which have grown and further multiplied over time. In 2009, she found The DTRF. Ecstatic to finally meet fellow patients and eager to do what she could to help find a cure, Amanda volunteered her professional skills to the Foundation. She was the Marketing Chair for the inaugural DTRF Running for Answers 5K in 2010 and has served on the RFA Committee each year since. Her current business,¬†ADH Communications Consulting, was born out of her love for the work she was doing for DTRF and the community. For the last five years, Amanda has been the Communications Consultant for the Foundation, providing strategic communications and social media management services. Amanda is currently living a “location independent” life of travel with her unwavering partner, Jay. She is honored to work with the wonderful and dedicated team at DTRF.