Bill Lundgren

Father, Designer

When Bill became a father to his two daughters in the early 2000s, his life changed completely. He fell in love with being a dad. Having the opportunity to help grow and nurture his girls throughout their early years has been a blessing. His life changed again when he became a single dad when the girls were young. He was determined to not let anything detour his journey as a father, as the role of a single dad made his presence even more important. Bill feels blessed as both of his daughters are bright, witty, talented, and a joy to be around – always dancing, singing, and laughing. When his daughter Suzy, was diagnosed with a Desmoid Tumor in her left calf at age 12, their lives took a turn into unknown territory. Navigating this journey has been full of ups and downs and many tears. Bill has always been one to fix just about anything but being a dad in this arena has been very difficult – It’s hard to not feel helpless. His determination and focus to be a rock for Suzy pale in comparison to her ability to shine in this dark journey. Suzy has endured surgery, multiple medications, clinical trials, HIFU, and other procedures, and has been in a wheelchair since 2018. Seeking information, Bill found where he found answers that could not be found elsewhere. The DTRF has been a game changer for Suzy’s journey. Without it, they would still be in the dark. Thanks to the DTRF and the Desmoidian Facebook page, Suzy, Bill and their entire family have found a connection to education, resources, and community that have proven invaluable. Bill has not lost hope and prays every day for the day when she walks freely, and joyfully dances again.