James Chen, MD

Associate Professor, Sarcoma Medical Oncology
Medical Director, Clinical & Research Informatics
James Cancer Hospital, The Ohio State University

Dr. James Chen is an active sarcoma medical oncologist and a translational bioinformatician with a dual appointment in both Medical Oncology and in Biomedical Informatics. He serves as the Medical Director for Clinical and Research Informatics at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center and am Principal Investigator for several investigator-initiated rare disease trials. His translational research program focuses on developing biomarkers and repurposing drugs in cancer using bioinformatics techniques. Nationally, he chairs the ASCO CancerLinq Oncology Informatics Task Force and the ALLIANCE Clinical Trials Group Translational Bioinformatics Group Chair. He is passionate about establishing collaborations with like-minded researchers around the world to study rare diseases.