Kelly Mercier, PhD

Adjunct Associate, Duke University
Medical Science Liaison, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
In November, 2020, Dr. Kelly Mercier joined the DTRF team as Chair of the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation Coordinating Center (DTRFCC). She is a past DTRF grant recipient, the DTRF Natural History Study and Patient Registry Principal Investigator, a Diagnostics Regional Medical Lead for Daiichi Sankyo in thoracic oncology, and an adjunct associate professor at Duke University.
She specializes in designing, implementing, and prompting the adoption of novel therapies and diagnostic assays in oncology. She has received grants to understand the metabolic differences between desmoid tumors and normal adjacent tissue in the same patient with Dr. Ben Alman. Dr. Mercier is passionate about desmoid tumor research and is thrilled to be able to contribute her scientific knowledge to better understand and treat desmoid tumors.