Marianna Coppola

Manager Director, Desmoid Foundation Italy

Marianna is born on 21 November 1985 in Naples. Always interested in scientific studies, she graduaded in Biology and specialized in nutrition for oncologic and auto-immune diseases.

When she was 22yo discovered a mass in her leg that was treated by surgery; only 3 months later, she discover another mass in her foot, treated by surgery aswell. Surgeries caused her permanent injuries. Only 1 year later she was diagnosed by desmoid tumor and finding a Doctor specialized in this disease required another year. She tried different terapies but she obtained at maximum the stabilization of the disease and she learnt to live with its up and down.

In November 2018, she met online the founder and co-founder of Desmoid Foundation ONLUS – Italy and she decided to join them and today she is part of the directive board as Manager Director. She is engaged into the Desmoid Foundation’s mission: spread knowledge about this rare disease to avoid wrong diagnosis (as it happened to her), support patients to face the disease in a good way, work with Doctors and other international Associations to improve therapies and their accessibility.