Sukanya Subramanian, MD

Transplant Gastroenterologist, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital,

Dr. Suki Subramanian is a Gastroenterologist and Assistant professor of Medicine at Georgetown University. She completed her Gastroenterology Fellowship at the University of Chicago, where she focused on inflammatory bowel diseases and clinical pharmacology. In 2010,  she accepted her first faculty appointment  at Columbia University, where she co-developed an intestinal failure program.  In 2017, she was recruited to Georgetown’s Center for Intestinal Care and Transplantation as medical director of the short bowel program and intestinal transplant program. She manages short gut patients across a broad spectrum from those who respond to medical therapies and regain enteral autonomy to those who require intestinal transplantation. She spends half her time managing intestinal/multi-visceral organ transplant recipients. She is intimately involved in translational research in gut failure as well as investigations into the importance of TH17 mediated pathways of inflammation  in intestinal graft rejection.